Looking for a pothole repair company in Perth?

Potholes are usually created when moisture penetrates into cracks of an asphalt surface on a road, car park or driveway.

Pothole repairs sometimes become necessary during the lifespan of the asphalt surface (which can be up to 20 years). The ideal time to act is sooner than you might think – when the old surface starts to crack or deteriorate.

When this happens, it allows water to pond on the surface and slowly penetrate through the cracks. The water forms in the sub-base below the asphalt surface and expands, pushing the asphalt pavement upwards.

With traffic, the pavement will then break down and collapse into the void, which becomes a pothole. Over time, and with increased use, the pothole becomes larger as the edges of the asphalt break away.


Why repair a pothole?

Delaying the decision to get a pothole repaired just doesn’t add up. It can end up costing you more in the long run as you’re faced with an even bigger problem. Literally.

The reasons are not just financial – potholes affect the look of your home or building, and can imply that it requires maintenance too. In some cases, potholes can even be dangerous.

Bitumen and Asphalt can inspect the damaged asphalt surface and provide you with a quote to ensure the correct repair.

Not all asphalt pothole repairs are alike.

Depending on the size of the damage, potholes can either be filled or cut out and fully replaced.

The repair must be carried out to the correct specifications for the product to last. If the surface is less than 20mm, the repaired surface must overlap to allow the old and new asphalt surfaces to bond together. If the existing surface is greater than 20mm, the existing asphalt needs to be cut out and filled with new asphalt.

Once the repair is complete, we remove all sand, rubble and rubbish from site. Let us know how we can take away your pothole problem!

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