Asphalt maintenance

MAINTENANCE 01Asphalt maintenance is usually kept to a minimum for the life span of the asphalt surface, but after a life period of approximately 20 years, you may find maintenance is required. Your driveway and car park is one of the main features for your business, home or investment, therefore needs to be looked after. It is the first point of contact with your business and is often the basis for first impressions. The last thing you want is for your driveway is to be cracked, giving the impression your home or business premises hasn’t been maintained. You would not want your business or parking lot greeting your customers with bumps, cracks and potholes. All About Bitumen and Asphalt specialise in asphalt maintenance, including, different kinds of crack seal, pothole repairs, plumbing and electrical trenches and re–sheeting failed areas.

Rural 4Asphalt maintenance is a critical preservation component for your car park or driveway. When the old surface starts to crack or deteriorate, this is the time to act with asphalt maintenance. Water will pond on the surface and slowly penetrate through the cracked asphalt surface. The water forms in the sub-base below the asphalt surface and expands, pushing the asphalt pavement upward. Once this area receives traffic, the pavement will then breakdown and collapse into the void, which then becomes a pothole. Over time and with increased traffic, the pothole becomes larger as the asphalt edges break away.

If Asphalt maintenance isn’t carried out, then the damage, which can be caused by just one pothole, can become very costly. Asphalt maintenance must be inspected and the correct advice provided to ensure the appropriate repair. Good news! All About Bitumen and Asphalt can provide you with free advice and maintenance programs to suit all budgets.

Its important to know that asphalt maintenance must be carried out to the correct specification for the product to stand the test of time. When repairing a pothole, if the surface is less than 20mm you must overlap the repaired surface to allow the old and new asphalt surfaces to bond together. If the existing surface is greater than 20mm, the existing asphalt needs to be cut out and filled with new hot asphalt.

Tree roots, oil spills, and heavy objects can also cause asphalt damage, which requires repair and maintenance. The existing asphalt can be saw cut out, new base work provided and water bound compacted. After following these steps a new asphalt patch is then installed.

When installing plumbing pipes or electrical conduits, asphalt maintenance may also be required. The trench will be saw cut straight prior to the asphalt patch being installed. Road base will then be provided, water bound and compacted and followed by the new asphalt patch. After all asphalt maintenance, sand, rubble and rubbish will be removed by All About Bitumen and Asphalt.

All About Bitumen and Asphalt offer a quick and professional service and aim to respond to your request within 48 hours. We also offer a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week emergency repair service at no additional cost. At All About Bitumen and Asphalt, we understand that having a commercial property also means having time constraints. We aim to work with our clients to limit the disruption to their business and can work at a time suitable for you.